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Parmelee Geology Inc. specializes in providing engineering geologic services within the Southern California area. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best service possible through expert geologic evaluation, personal attention, and timely communication. The principal of the firm, Larry Parmelee, obtained his bachelor of science degree in the field of engineering geology from UCLA and has over 30 years of experience consulting on a wide variety of hillside properties and projects.

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Parmelee Geology Inc. is involved in providing educational programs to the public to help familiarize homeowners, contractors, realtors and design professionals with the field of hillside geology.

Larry Parmelee has been an instructor in the Genesis 3 school of custom pool design and construction.  In attendance are pool designers and builders from through out the United States, Canada, and Europe. A presentation of typical geologic problems associated with the construction of custom pools in the hillside areas is provided for students of the course. 

Parmelee Geology Inc. provides educational presentations to local real estate offices to help inform realtors working in the hillside areas of potential geologic issues.  Informal discussions take place concerning recent topics involving real estate inspections and clarification of terms and recommendations which are commonly found in geology reports.

Larry Parmelee also participates in the UCLA extension school of architecture providing an overview of how geology influences hillside construction in the Los Angeles area.  The extension class is presented by David Tisherman and provides a valuable introduction to construction techniques for students. 

Contacting Parmelee/Geology Inc. 

You can contact our office at the following numbers :

Phone  (818) 889-0762         

We look forward to meeting you and providing assistance on your engineering geologic needs.

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