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The following is a partial listing of historical hillside properties for which Parmelee/Geology has provided engineering geologic consulting services.  The listed properties represent work done by noteable architects or construction which defines a certain architectural style. The level of our geologic involvement in these projects varies from evaluations of existing site and structure performance to providing detailed recommendations for stabilization, renovation or new construction.


      Taggart House, 5423 Black Oak Drive, Los Feliz - 1922 Lloyd Wright  Parmelee Geology was initially hired to perform an overall site evaluation. Our continued work on the project has included the collaborated preparation of a comprehensive geologic and soils engineering report provided to assist in the complete restoration of original structure and stabilization of secondary site structures. Work is being performed under the architectural direction of renowned architect, Eric Lloyd Wright.  General contracting work was performed by Tom Montgomery.


                  Warwick Evans Residence, 12036 Benmore Terrace, Brentwood - 1936 Lloyd Wright - Parmelee Geology was hired to perform an evaluation of the site geologic conditions prior to purchase.



      Duncan/Erwin House - 340 Grand Avenue, Pasadena - 1905 Greene and Greene craftsman residence. Renovation of this historic residence will include seismic reinforcement of the original stone and mortar foundation system.  Work is to be performed by restoration contractor, Tom Montgomery.


        English Manor Estate - Paul R. Williams.  Restoration of this old English estate will include replacement of site retaining walls and interior modifications.


        540 W. California Street, Pasadena.  Heineman and Heineman residence.  Work to be performed includes stabilization and replacement of the early 1900's unreinforced stone and mortar foundations.  Two brothers, Alfred and Arthur Heineman, formed the architectural firm A.S. Heineman & Company in 1909. Though neither brother had any formal architectural training, during the period 1907 to 1923 the two designed 10 grand residences and over 250 smaller bungalows in the Arts & Crafts tradition, in Pasadena and the Los Angeles area.


  Sten-Frenke House, 126 Mabery Road, Santa Monica - 1934 Richard Neutra - Parmelee Geology's services at this historic property included a complete overall evaluation and analysis of existing site conditions and analysis of structure and foundation performance.



Singleton House, 1959 - 15000 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles - Richard Neutra - Parmelee Geology was employed to evaluate geologic conditions and the site which included vertical exposures of Modelo Formation sandstone and complex geologic structure.


        Carling House, 7044 Hockey Trail, Los Angeles -1950 John Lautner  - Our geotechnical services on this historic property have included a detailed overall site and structure evaluation.  Recommendations were provided for improvement of foundation and drainage conditions in an effort to help protect site structures and slopes.

             Pickfair - 1143 Summit Drive, Beverly Hills.  Original 1912 estate of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Mary Pickford.  Parmelee Geology was employed to evaluate the overall geologic conditions of site structures and property.  Substantial renovation was conducted to the main residence.  The only original portion of the main structure is the west wing. shown here with the front arches.  Other original site structures, such as the swimming pool and pool house also remain on the site.


       How House, 2422 Silver Ridge Drive, Silverlake - 1925 R.M. Schindler - Parmelee Geology's services have included a comprehensive site and structure evaluation provided for the eventual restoration of the residence. 

          Lloyd Wright House, 858 N. Doheny Drive, Hollywood - 1928 Lloyd Wright - Work at the site has included preparation of a geologic and soils engineering study to evaluate settlement issues occurring at the subject property.  General contracting and repairs were conducted by Tom Montgomery.


Huntington Hartford Foundation Rustic Canyon Projects, 2000 Runyan Canyon, Los Angeles- 1950 Lloyd Wright - The guest house of proposed residential development was completed in 1950 on the crest of a prominent natural ridge overlooking the Los Angeles basin.  The main residential structure was never constructed.  Geotechnical services provided included a detail site analysis for completion of the main residential structure based upon the original plans prepared by Lloyd Wright.  Development plans for this historic site for now remains uncertain. 


       3604 Lowry Drive, Los Feliz - 1954 Kemper Nomland Jr. residence.  Kemper Nowland Sr. trained under Frank Lloyd Wright.  The residence is a post and beam construction design which was built as a "Case Study"  residence (#10).  The Case Study House program (1945-66) was an exceptional, innovative event in the history of American architecture and remains to this day unique. The program, which concentrated on the Los Angeles area and oversaw the design of 36 prototype homes, sought to make available plans for modern residences that could be easily and cheaply constructed during the postwar building boom. The program's chief motivating force was Arts & Architecture editor John Entenza, a champion of modernism who had all the right connections to attract some of architecture's greatest talents, such as Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, and Eero Saarinen. Highly experimental, the program generated houses that were designed to re-define the modern home, and thus had a pronounced influence on architecture - American and international - both during the program's existence and even to this day. Parmelee Geology was hired to evaluate geologic conditions at the site and to make recommendations concerning restoration and future additions.



11600 Amanda Drive, Studio City -  1949 R.M. Schindler residence.  A geologic site evaluation of the property was conducted by Parmelee Geology.  Review of prior geotechnical documents was performed and a visual observation and evaluation of geologic site conditions was performed.  recommendations were provided for improvement of site drainage conditions.



1515 Tigertail Road, Brentwood - Craig Ellwood designed residence.  Parmelee Geology was employed to evaluate the geologic conditions at the site.  The residence is supported on a natural ridge line underlain by the lower member the Modelo Formation, often referred to as the "Bel Air Sandstone".


      4519 Cockerham Drive - 1930's Wallace Neff residence.  Parmelee Geology performed a site evaluation of existing structures and slopes.  Correcting poorly controlled surface drainage was one of the important aspects of preserving this historical residence.

5720 Valley Oak Drive, Los Angeles - 1951 R.L. Byrd - Parmelee Geology provided a comprehensive geologic and soils engineering study of the property for the complete residence restoration and renovation and additions to the existing residence.  Work at the site included foundation improvements, new foundations and retaining walls. 

1367 Lago Vista Drive, Beverly Hills - 1952 R. L. Byrd - Parmelee Geology's involvement included site evaluation and foundation analysis.  Recommendations were provided for drainage control improvements and protection of onsite slopes.


    1359 Londonderry Place - R.L. Byrd - Parmelee Geology was hired to prepare a geologic evaluation of the site for purchase.


1163 Calle Vista Drive, Los Angeles - 1961 Harold Levitt - Geotechnical work at the site included preparation of a detailed geologic and soils engineering report provided for evaluation of site conditions and restoration of the post and beam residence.  Construction on the site included modification of the swimming pool, additions to the residence and improvements to the access driveway.



  2000 Grace Avenue, Whitley Heights Historic District - Lingenbrick House 1930 - Jock Peters - Parmelee Geology provided an analysis of existing site conditions prepared for renovation of the historic residence and implementation of secondary site improvements.


6665 Emmet Terrace, Whitley Heights Historic District - 1928 residence - site and foundation evaluation and drainage improvements.


2415 Pilgrimage Trail, Whitley Heights Historic District - 1924 Residence - Parmelee Geology provided an evaluation of the current site conditions and an analysis of the foundation system.


6756 Milner Road, Whitley Heights Historic District - 1935 Residence - Our work on this project included a detailed site evaluation which included foundation analysis and recommendations for stabilization.


2117 Woodland Way, Whitley Heights Historic District - 1923 Residence - Parmelee Geology performed a site evaluation and foundation foundation analysis for this early 20th century residence.


  6675 Whitley Terrace, Whitley Heights Historic District - Pike House, 1951 George Russell - Parmelee Geology provided a detailed geologic and soils engineering analysis for proposed additions to residence.  1954 AIA National Merit Award


6624 Whitley Terrace, Whitley Heights Historic District, 1939 Residence - A site and foundation evaluation was performed by Parmelee Geology.



Chun House, 2295 Verde Oak Drive, Los Angeles - 1960 Buff and Hensman - A comprehensive site evaluation was performed by Parmelee Geology. Consultation was also provided regarding new construction at the site.


7435 Woodrow Wilson Drive, Los Angeles - 1990 Buff and Hensman - Parmelee Geology prepared a detailed site evaluation of this unique hillside residence.


    Hammerman House, 201 Bentley Circle, Los Angeles - 1950's Richard Neutra - Parmelee Geology was hired to prepare a comprehensive site evaluation.  Work at the historic property has included extensive remodeling and construction of a second story addition (seen under construction in the photo).


  6431 La Punta Drive, Los Angeles - 1982 Pierre Koenig - Parmelee Geology was hired to evaluate existing site conditions and provide an evaluation of foundation performance. Planned improvements include restoration of the residence and site improvements.


  1258 Hilldale Avenue, Los Angeles - 1925 R.M. Schindler - Parmelee Geology was hired to prepare a site evaluation for the proposed restoration of existing residence. Drainage improvements will be implemented to improve overall site performance and preserve existing construction.


141 N. Bentley Avenue, Los Angeles - 1941 Paul R. Williams - Parmelee Geology was hired to perform a site evaluation.  Drainage improvements will be implemented to improve overall site performance.

    600 East Rustic Road - Frank Gehry - Parmelee Geology performed a site evaluation and research of previous geotechnical documents for purchase of this property.


  500 Crestline Drive, Brentwood - Paul R. Williams - A geologic site evaluation was performed to determine site stability and long term performance issues prior to purchase.


  Rockingham Avenue, Brentwood - Paul R. Williams - 1930's residence.  Parmelee Geology performed a site evaluation of existing structures and conditions.


    Oakmont Drive, Brentwood - Paul R. Williams - A geologic site observation was conducted to evaluate this historic property.  A combination of older and newer construction is present at the site.


     9530 Heather Road, Beverly Hills - Gerard Colcord - Our geotechnical work on this project has included an initial evaluation of site conditions.  Subsequently, Parmelee Geology performed a more detailed geologic and soils engineering study to assist in improvements, and construction of additions to the residence.


  501 24th Place, Santa Monica - Parmelee Geology was initially hire to evaluate the overall site conditions.  Our continued services at the site have included the preparation of a comprehensive geologic and soils engineering report for the restoration of this early 20th century craftsman-style residence.  Improvements have included stabilization of the original residence foundation system and construction of new additions, detached garage and swimming pool.


  Oriole Lane, Los Angeles - 1949 Residence designed by Whitney Smith and A. Quincy Jones - Parmelee Geology was hired to provide an analysis of the site for the proposed renovation of the original structure and construction of additions.


       Haldeman Road, Los Angeles - 1920's residence in Rustic Canyon.  The residence has been given the look of a log cabin with the installation of split log exterior siding. The residence is one of the original structures constructed in the area.  Numerous stone retaining walls have been constructed on the site which add to the rustic feel of the site, but also represent long term maintenance issues.  Parmelee Geology was hired to evaluate site conditions.

      Old Malibu Courthouse, Pacific Coast Highway - Restoration of this historic building has included improvement of drainage control systems and additions to the original structure.  Geotechnical services have consisted of the preparation of a comprehensive geologic and soils engineering report evaluating drainage conditions, foundation conditions, slope stability studies and liquefaction potential.

       1915 Craftsman house in Echo Park.  Parmelee Geology was hired to prepare a geologic site evaluation.  Challenging issues with early 20th century construction includes unreinforced foundations, lack of seismic bolting and unbraced cripple walls.

  3923 San Rafael Avenue, Mount Washington area of Los Angeles.  Early 1900's craftsman-style residence.  Parmelee Geology performed a site and structure evaluation.  Substandard foundation conditions, typical for early century construction, were found to exist.  Consultation with the structural engineer, Tom Purkiss, resulted in recommendations for replacement of portions of the foundation system to be performed in conjunction with the structure restoration.

  960 Stonehill Drive, Brentwood.  A. Quincy Jones designed residence. Parmelee Geology was hired to evaluate the current condition of the property and structures and to provide recommendations for construction of a swimming pool.



  2500 Silverlake Terrace -  Parmelee Geology has provided a geologic and soils engineering report for the restoration and improvement to this historical residence in the Silverlake District of Los Angeles.  The original residence was constructed in the early 1900's and was one of the first residences in the Silverlake area. Renovation of the structure has included reinforcement of the original concrete foundations.  

       1335 Olive Lane, La Canada - 1930's residence designed by Austen Pierpont.  Parmelee Geology was hired to evaluate existing site geologic conditions prior to purchase. 


      1717 Alta Mura Drive Pacific Palisdes -

Cliff May California ranch-style residence.  Evaluation of site performance and drainage issues was performed during purchase.